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The truth is, that we do everything for our dogs (we massage them, do warm-up exercises and drive them to the physiotherapist), but we do nothing for ourselves! We don't warm-up, and we sure don't stretch after running. Usually we’re talking to friends and about 10 dogs before running, we warm-up the dog and then go out on course and run.


It was because of this insight that the idea of justRUN Trainings was born. Our team dedicated one year observing, analyzing, studying and combining exercises to create a program designed especially for agility handlers.


In all my classes and seminars I always say three things:

  • I will teach you the proper technique of movement, balance and speed
  • You have to be CONSISTANT (2000 reps are needed to learn something)
  • You have to have DESIRE to become FASTER


So, in the spirit of this words:

"Welcome to the very first day of the rest of your life!"


Speed&Coordination on-line class lasts 4 weeks. In these 4 weeks you will learn:

  • how to correctly warm-up and stretch before and after every training or competition
  • how to quickly start running from any position
  • how to quickly stop before an obstacle or unexpected situation
  • how to gain speed in short distances
  • how to obtain condition for running longer courses
  • how to maneuver your body precisely and quickly as possible through any agility course


How does it work?

80% of exercises you will be doing from your home (you will need 2x2 meter of space)

  • Cardio exercises
  • Strength exercises
  • Physical condition exercises
  • Foot speed exercises

20% of exercises you will be doing outside on the field or indoor hall (you will need ladder, cones and bars)

  • Speed exercises
  • Coordination exercises


What will you gain with Speed & Coordination online class?

  • proper technique of movement, balance and speed
  • better strength in your legs, so you will be able to run faster
  • better physical condition, which will able you to run longer
  • better coordination, so you will be able to maneuver your body faster through any agility course
  • better starts from any position
  • better stops before an obstacle or unexpected situation
Equipment you will need:
- 6 cones
- 2 bars
- ladder for speed drills (4m long)
Really advisable is only a ladder, with all other things we can improvise. All the rest of exercises you will do with your own weight.
For every exercise you will need about 5 - 15 minutes.
All exercises are video tapped and explained in detail.

At the beginning of the online class, you will have to send me three different videos. Two videos of you running at competition, and a video of your first homework; a 20 meter sprint (start, run, time). Our team will analyze your movement, balance and speed.


After that you will get a detailed weekly program of cardio, strength, speed, coordination and condition trainings.
All exercises and courses layouts are video tapped and explained in detail.


Our team at justRUN trainings will be analyzing your homework and tracking your progress.



So, are you decided to join and make a difference in your lifestyle?

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