What we offer

Speed & Coordinational trainings

With Speed exercises you will learn how to quickly start running from any position and gain as much speed as possible in a short distance. Coordination exercises will teach you how to quickly stop before an obstacle or unexpected situation and how to maneuver your body precisely and quickly as possible through any agility course.


Conditional trainings

Cardio and strength exercises are essential for building speed and condition. Through Conditional trainings you will gain power, strength and explosion which are needed to be faster, as well as stamina for running longer courses.


At justRUN Trainings we work with a professional physiotherapist who will advise and help if needed. It only takes a few seconds where reaction time or the loss of muscle control can lead to an accident with injuries. With this in mind, we shall also be looking at how to be physically safe while participating in physical activities, as well as adapting training interventions, for the purposes of preventing injury.

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What else do we provide?

Sport Equipment

We are official retailers of inSPORTline products. Equipment for Speed&Coordination online class will be also available in our ONLINE STORE

Regeneration Products

We provide a wide range of natural products for the regeneration of your body.

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What our students say

“Jaka’s fantastic training taught me how to warm up instead of only doing warm up on my dog! it also made me realise getting fitter can even be fun!!”

Katherine Adams Agility competitor - United Kingdom

“I found Jaka’s trainings really fantastic. We had a lot of fun, the training is very useful special on my age. It motivated many people also the group. I tried to pushing my limit. I highly recommend his speed&coordinational trainings to all agility handlers.”

Els Verbeke Agility competitor - BELGIUM

“My name is Lea and I’ve been practicing agility for two years now. I was always thinking just about my dog and hers conditioning and I never thought about my own physical readiness. After a couple of trainings with Jaka I realized that handler’s speed and coordinational abilities are as necessary as dog’s. Working on my coordination and speed I became better in agility trainings. I highly recommend his workout programs. Oh, and don’t forget to warm up! 🙂”

Lea Krivc Agility competitor - SLOVENIA

“I always believed that it’s not fair to expect everything from our dogs. We have to do some work too. When I joined Jaka’s speed & coordination training class, I thought that it was all about building some muscles and improving my running style. But it wasn’t just that. It was all I need for dog agility, I learnt how to use my body to have better communication with my dog, how to move fast and efficiently. It was challenging, it was fun, I really had so many “aha” momments, it was just great. Everyone should join this training class, at least once.”

Sophia Gida Agility competitor - GREECE

“I found Jaka’s training very motivating, strong and cool. He is a very motivating and friendly person who has the ability to “win” the best performance from each. I have learn a lot about how I got more power and speed for running courses and for improving my condition. I had a lot of fun in his training and can recommend it for everybody who want gain speed and condition for agility.”

Rebecca Kocher Agility competitor - SWITZERLAND

What will you learn with justRUN trainings?

  • how to correctly warm-up and stretch before and after every training or competition
  • how to quickly start running from any position
  • how to quickly stop before an obstacle or unexpected situation
  • how to gain speed in short distances
  • how to obtain condition for running longer courses
  • how to maneuver your body precisely and quickly as possible through any agility course


justRUN Trainings

All my life I have been surrounded by sport. I started my professional career at a very young age. I was a professional dancer for 15 years and then jumped to martial arts (Tae-Kwon-Do) where I trained for 6 years and earned an I.kup. I also worked for 5 years as a professional instructor for rollerblading and ice skating. 7 years ago my path lead me to Agility, where I found my passion and dreams.

As I was observing handlers on competitions or trainings, there was always one similarity. 98% of handlers didn't warm-up before running or stretch afterwards.

The truth is, that we do everything for our dogs (we massage them, do warm-up exercises and drive them to the physiotherapist), but we do nothing for ourselves! We don't warm-up, and we sure don't stretch after running. Usually we’re talking to friends and about 10 dogs before running, we warm-up the dog and then go out on parkour and run.

It was because of this insight that the idea of justRUN Trainings was born. Our team dedicated one year observing, analyzing, studying and combining exercises to create a program designed especially for agility handlers.